The Man Behind Hilton

Welcome, we hope you are reading and gaining knowledge on various topics. Today we will discuss hotels. When you think of Hotels, one hotel that always comes to mind is the Hilton. This post is about the man who made Hilton what is it today. Let us learn more about Conrad Hilton.

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Born in 1887, San Antonio, New Mexico, Conrad learned the importance of hard work from his father. Conrad wanted to be a banker and in 1919 he went to a bank in hopes of buying it but then the seller raised the price by $5000 (thanks equivalent to approximately 70,000 in 2020). This increase upset Conrad, he went to the hotel he was staying at and ask the owner if he was making any money, Conrad decided that he would become a hotel man.

He ended up raising 20,000 dollars on his own and borrowed the remaining from the bank to purchase his first hotel. In his first hotel, he had to redesign the dining room to meet the demands for customers. He ended up buying 8 hotels in the next 10 years but then, unfortunately, his growth was effected because of the great depression. He ended up owing $500,000 (approximately 7 million in 2020) and had no income. He was nearly forced into bankruptcy and at one point he had to borrow $300 from one of his bell boys, in one of his interviews he said that he returned $350 to bell boys two weeks later. After the depression, Hilton made one of the biggest transaction at the time, $111 million. By the end of the 1960s, Hilton owned 118 hotels in the US, hotels in Egypt, Turkey, Spain.

Because Conrad was a man of faith he wanted to give back, he started a foundation called Conrad Hilton Foundation. He was generously helping children organizations and health care sectors.

Going through the great depression and keeping things intact, being humble enough to credit the bell boy, expanding globally because “through world travel, we may help world peace”- Conrad, starting a foundation to help his countrymen/women. There is no douth that Mr. Conrad Hilton was a hardworking and humble man who left an amazing legacy.

In his book “Be My Guest”, Conrad says that his success started with a dream. He says people did not necessarily call me a dreamer but I did dream. People should dream but most importantly they should be enthusiastic and find their talent to succeed in life.

Find out more about Conrad on here

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