Canva: Graphic-Design Tool

“A design Ecosystem, integrate it into one page and make it accessible to the whole worlds” Melanie Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Canva. Canva is a simple design tool, with a drag and drop format to design a logo, banner, Facebook post, Instagram post, book cover, resume, presentations, business cards, and many more. The best part, many of their features are free. You will find stock images within the website that can be used on your design for free. Now there are some things you need to pay for, such as customizing the size of a design already made, some image. The best way to find more about them is to explore their website (link at the end of the article).   

In 2006 Ms. Melanie and her partner had an idea. She was teaching design to students in her spare time and felt frustrated to teach students about all the minor buttons in the program, she thought that there has to be a better solution. She came up with an idea and decided to pursue it, Melanie dropped out and started the company in her parents living room. They started by creating school yearbooks, by physically printing them and disturbing them around the schools in Australia. After talking to 100 plus investors in 3 years, they finally ended up convincing some investors, one of the investors said “what really interested him was the clear vision on what Canva was going to be”

Currently, the company has 800 plus employees, she says that she does not feel like the boss of people but rather feels like she is serving them. She is not, what some might say a typical CEO, she is always excited to have lunch with her team, runs limbo completions. One of her goals is to create a positive workplace, her employees can bring in their kid to work, the staff gets free breakfast and lunch, there is a gym and a library.   

As successful as Canva is Ms. Melanie thinks that they are just getting started, “While the expectations around the company is increasing, they are nothing to what I have put on myself”. Canva is used by 50 million people in 190 countries, 85 percent of fortune 500 companies use their platform. 5 years after starting the company it was valued at a billion dollars. Today (2020) the company is worth 3.2 billion dollars.

Find out more about Ms. Melanie and the Canava at

Start using Canva today:

Until next time Be Smart, Be Safe…  

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