Best time for your Workout..

Have you ever wondered when is it best to exercise? The answer could be as simple as when can you make time? However here are some pros and cons of working out during different timing throughout the day.

According to science morning workout is the most beneficial when someone is trying to lose weight.  Working out with an empty stomach is the best way to burn fat. However it comes with forcing yourself to get out of bed and work out.  

Working out after an hour or two from lunch give you a boost in your workout because you have had something to eat and drink. However if you are a family person you may want to spend time with your family instead.

Night workout usually puts you in attentive mode, because you are fully up, you are ready to push hard. However because of your busy day you might not have enough energy to push yourself and get the most out of your workout.

Remember, working out is supposed to make you feel better. Regardless of what time you choose, working out within itself is beneficial. And once you get going, you will feel better.

Be Smart, Be Safe…

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