Running In the Forest

I usually make time to run one or twice a week in the forest. Here are XXX number of reasons why I prefer outdoor runs..


Rather than running on a treadmill and watching a TV screen or others on treadmill. I like the scenery outside. I find it very relaxing to take a break from blue screen and rather spend time in the nature.

2-Can be done Anywhere

As long as you have an open road/trail to run on you do not need a gym. All you need is your running shoes, your cloths and your route. Do not get lost on the trail, than again losing your way is the just another way to discover yourself.. BUT NOT ON TRAILS…

3- Active Running

The path on your treadmill generally stays the same. However on trails you have to look out for tree branches, stones, snakes this keeps your more active during your run.

4- More Privacy

Running on trials generally is much more private than running on a tread mill in a gym. Chances are when you are at the gym there are people who are also working out, sometimes you need to be with yourself and your thoughts. Running alone can help you meditate.

5- Helps build your Confidence

Working out alone is a big confidence builder. However if you do something unique or different from your usual routine it helps build your confident even more. Image coming back from a run in snow or rain. You will feel like you have accomplished a challenge. This will help by providing you with a extra energy boost to go on about with your daily tasks.

Lastly, I recommend you to try running outside. Not only is it fun and awesome, it’s challenging and a new challenge is never boring

Be Smart, Be Safe..

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