The Millionaire Father:  By Jeffrey M. Reitzel

Who is Jeffrey Reitzel?

Jeffrey M. Reitzel became a multi-millionaire in his 20’s, he currently shares strategies at his seminar and is the co-owner and a Broker of Alliance Canada’s Mortgage Ltd, a Real Estate Broker. He has been a guest speaker for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders.

I met Mr. Reitzel through a friend, Matt Reitzel. Matt also suggested that I should read The Millionaire Father. After reading the book and meeting Mr. Reitzel I have to say that he is an amazing person, he takes his time to ­help and guide everyone. He told me a story of the time when he decided to spend $500 on himself for an entire year, and how that experience changed his life. He helps out various charity organizations and often takes his time to talk to homeless people. Awesome dude.

Mr. Reitzel wants to share his knowledge with people to make a difference in their personal lives by being a mentor and guide the reader in the financial journey. Mr. Reitzel helps you create your why because your why will drive you every day to work hard and get closer to your dream, your why will allow you to see your journey as an exciting challenge. Mr. Reitzel tells the reader that having money does not change the individual, it only reveals more of who they are, so don’t be afraid that having more money will change your attitude towards others. Mr. Reitzel wants you to know that your current situation is a springboard for you to get you to where you want to be. Throughout the book, you will find various examples of how Mr. Reitzel helped his clients and friends to get their financial freedom through real estate. He wants you to know that you can plan for either your financial struggle or financial freedom, and in his book, he helps you lay out a plan for your financial freedom. Mr. Reitzel wants you to know that money is important because of what it can bring into your life, let’s say if you did not go to work today, how would you spend your time; would you spend it with family, help charities, local shelters. Bei­ng financially wealthy will help you spend time on things that give you inner satisfaction.

Mr. Reitzel wants you to be careful when you share your dreams with others and warns you that you should not share your 16 x 20 dreams with people who have 5 x 7 minds. Mr. Reitzel mentions various forms of investments; stocks, bonds, real state. He also touches on leverage investment; to leverage the equity in your home or other properties and use the proceeds from that to finance investment real estate, start a business or invest in promising stocks. One of the chapters is on Real estate investment, where Mr. Reitzel shares his experience from his starting days in real estate, and some of the things he wished he did in his early day, such as hiring a property manager. Mr. Reitzel shares his training style for his children. He gives us an inside look at how an investor trains his kids. This book was written with the purpose of telling dads that every child deserves a great father. Someone who would spend more time with their child, rather than the norm of an hour and a half per day.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible, Tony Robbins. Mr. Reitzel encourages you to write your goal down, to make a chart of your liabilities and your assets, to believe in yourself and to invest your money; because money only multiplies if it is invested. I encourage you to post your why in the comment section below and to write down some of the things you would do if you had spare time and money wasn’t a concern. Money is good for the good it can do, take your time and enjoy the process.

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Be Smart, Be Safe

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