No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline

Who is Brian Tracy?

Brian was born in 1944 and after dropping out of high school and visiting six continents he was able to move up and become head of $265 million Company. Currently, he is the president of three companies operations worldwide.

Listening to a podcast, I remember hearing Brian’s name numerous times. When I saw the book: THE POWER OF SELF-DISCIPLINE NO EXCUSES! On the shelf I decided to read it and here are some of my pointers from the book.

If I could summarize the book in one word it would be self-disciplined. Brian shows how to achieve personal, business and financial goals through self-discipline.

The book starts off by telling us the importance of self-discipline and that regardless of whether we get things done or not we should have no excuse. Achieving a goal is hard, and you must keep in mind that the quality of the person one becomes while trying to accomplish his/her goals far exceeds the materialist thing they acquire in the process.  Brian also tells us that the lack of self-discipline will result in failure and unhappiness. He tells the reader that they should put off satisfaction in the short term in order to enjoy the rewards in the long term: “Those heights by great men won and kept, were not achieved by sudden flight. But they while their companions slept were toiling upwards in the night”

Brian also provides you with various statistics such as: 20% of people earn 80 percent of the money and enjoy 80% of the riches and rewards, 85% of millionaires say that they didn’t have better education or intelligence but were willing to work harder than anyone else, 3% write their goal and plans and that 3 percent earn more than the reaming 97% put together, the average income increase in America is about 3% the same as the rate of inflation. The average self-made millionaire works 59 hours a week. These statics are provided so that you as the reader can outwork the norm and earn greater rewards. Throughout the book Brian says that success does not come easy he quotes Zig Ziglar “the elevator to success is out of order but the stairs are always open”

Brian tells the reader that the success can be achieved in three simple steps: 1- Decide exactly what is it you want, 2- Determine the price and 3-be willing to pay that price.

Brian also encourages you to eliminate negative emotions from your life because happiness arises from the absence of negative emotions. Sometimes these negative emotions come from blaming others for something in your life. Instead of blaming others take responsibility; this puts you in the driver seat. Take complete control of your thought and get busy working on things that are important to you.

In his book, Brian also lays out 7 steps on achieving your goals. One of the steps is that you should have a deadline. He also talks about 7 principles of leadership, 9 step methods to solve problems effectively, 5 ingredients of happiness and 7 ways to make people feel important.

Brian encourages you to develop the discipline to write down your goals daily, this will make you purposeful and shape the condition of your life. Brian encourages you to invest two hours a day on yourself, learn something new, and improve upon skill and realize that it will take time. The difference between the hero and the coward is that the hero sticks in there five minutes longer. Brian also talks about the quality of leadership and that leaders have the staying power. Persistence is self-discipline in action, winners never quit. Brian encourages you to help others improve as much as possible. One it makes you a better human being and two it turns out all the top people always do. Brian wants you to change the quality of your thinking in order to determine the quality of your life.

Brian wants his reader to answer a question by Aristotle, how shall we live in order to be happy. I encourage you to think and post your answers in the comment section below.

Learn more about Brian Tracy by clicking here
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Be smart, Be safe.

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