Who is Grant Cardone?

Mr. Cardone graduated from college with a $40,000 in student debt. Today he is the owner of four companies that do almost 100m+ in annual sales and have $750 million AUM of income-producing real estate

I have been following Grant Cardone for a while now. Absolutely love power players. I have read two books written by Mr. Cardone; The 10X Rule and If you are not first, you’re last.

IF YOU ARE NOT FIRST YOU’RE LAST is about kicking up your activities as a business owner when the economy is slowing down. In his book, Mr. Cardone provides various examples of calls that can be said or emailed to get more business either through new or previous customers. Mr.Cardone truly pushes the reader to get up and make moves. Mr. Cardone provides various statistics in the book so that you can be a part of individuals who push above and beyond the required norm. One of the stats he provides is that only 10% of sales people call beyond three times, but 80% of sales are made on the fifth call. Mr. Cardone pushes you to follow up with your clients to give them a wow experience. How do you provide a wow experience? It is not with your prices, but to make sure that you are more interest in your clients rather than their interest in you. Mr. Cardone gives you various techniques to show your customer that you are hungry and that you should not keep your hunger a secret from your customer. He encourages you to value your time by being productive. Taking lunch during work is normal, but taking lunch with a potential client is way better. Mr. Cardone tells the reader to avoid negativity and hopelessness during economic downfall, this could result in you convincing your client to make a decision out of fear which is never a good thing. Mr. Cardone tells the reader that during downfall you need to train yourself and stop with all the complains, take action for yourself and your family.

Learn more about Grant Cardone by clicking here
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I have to say that I am a very slow reader. However, reading Mr. Cardone books feels like he is actually talking to you. This makes it very easy to follow along and finish it quickly.  I have yet to fully practice the techniques I learned from the book in my personal life. But I intend to share my message and help you guys find good/positive material to keep you on the track of becoming a better person along the way.

Be smart, Be safe.

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